Meaning of "Bonus Abilities" for Arena

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Some bonus abilities are obvious and easy to figure out.
Others are not. Specifically, what do they really do, when do you use them, and are they specific to a type of ship?

Crit Rating
Crit Bonus
"increases boarding damage" By how much?

And are any other abilities, such as "immediately deals XXX%" dependent of ship or specific time to be useful?

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    Boarding bonuses can only be used on a ship with the Boarding trait attached to a skill ... e.g. the Jem'Hadar Fighter.

    You tap the ship icon that gives boarding and then the crew who supply bonuses for boarding will get an orange halo around their portrait ... tap them to activate.
    The exact amount of damage done by boarding is a bit of a mystery I think (there are other topics on it in the forum) ... but damage is done to the hull over time, even if a ship is cloaked.

    As for other abilities ... many abilities require a prerequisite of a ship ability (boarding, position, cloak) being active in order to activate the crew ability ... the key is to time ship and crew abilities so that you can activate them at the same time, or in the case for cloaking, when the cloak is about to run out because if you do so at the start and your ship fires then you lose your cloak and so can get damaged again!

    For crit you need luck ... because first you need to hit the opponent's ship ... so if it is cloaked or has high evasion crit will not work as well ... if you do hit, then there's a percentage chance to crit ... some crew can really get good burn damage in like that.
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    I think this is the most useful wiki page for you:
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