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Event Issues: Gone to the Ground MED Node and Event Duration

ShanShan admin
edited December 2017 in Starfleet Communications
Greetings, Captains,

Thanks to your reports we have identified the following issues:

- as shown by the timer in game, the event was not extended as previously announced and will end on Monday, 12/25 instead of Tuesday, 12/26.

- the MED node on the Gone to the Ground mission in the current event gives out the same amount of VP (250, 375 or 500 depending on the crew used) regardless of the difficulty level of the mission.
As a fix would negatively impact players who have already achieved a critical success on that node, and as the issue affects every participant in a similar fashion, we have decided to not push a fix.

Please accept the 6x Expedition Tickets enclosed in the in-game that you will receive as a way to compensate for the shorter Event duration, in a separate in-game mail you will also receive 4.500 Honor.

Our apologies for these issues.

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