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Expedition Crew Sorting

While playing this expedition I have come to realize that most of my time spent "playing" it is searching for the correct crew. I would like to propose that the sorting of the crew should go something like this. Very top (regardless of level or fatigue) 3x event crew. Next would be your 2x event crew again regardless of level or fatigue. Then your normal sort order. If I pick command odds are pretty good that I want either Mirror Picard or Mirror Mayweather.

If I pick command I'd want Mirror Picard, then Mayweather. After that you can go to the 2x bonus crew and sort them in descending order and then the regular crew in descending order. When picking command then level and fatigue would play their normal role in changing the sort order but only within their subgroup. I hope that is explained well enough and thank you for taking the time to consider this.
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  • THIS
  • This is what I also want.

    Maybe for the faction event, we could perhaps type the trait or Crew we need to complete the mission.
  • =j= Donatra=j= Donatra ✭✭✭✭✭
    I would love sumfin like that as well, butt Expedition Events are so rare that it's possibly a very low purrority. :(
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    Took me a while to notice this, but if you don't sort by skill the default is by rarity. Event crew stay in the same spot. There is still alot of scrolling but not as much searching, but I agree that event crew should be at the top regardless of skill and fatigue.
  • Mirror CartmanMirror Cartman ✭✭✭✭✭
    I suggest a few extra buttons.
    A search button, allowing to search by name or trait.

    A toggle bonus button. When toggled on it would sort as above.
    It could also be used in normal away missions where it would select crew with needed for locked nodes, followed by crew which give bonuses to nodes.

    Also a favourite button. Selecting this would only list favourited crew. Once you have found the crew needed for the event, favourite them all and unfavourite all other crew.
    This would also be useful for cadet challenges and away missions that you are grinding with one node locked.
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    After I thought about it a little more I think the easiest way would just be to make your favorite crew be at the top of the list for everything. I think most people use it to pick who you want to level next but making them the top of the list would actually solve a number of issues with the least effort.
    Have a node that needs a certain trait? Search for it in the crew quarters and make that crew a favorite!
    You want to update your battle stations but have trouble with all of the little faces in the crew selection screen? Make that crew a favorite!
    Playing expedition and want the same 3 crew for almost everything? Make those 3 a favorite!

    You don't have to add a new favorite button or add search to the crew selection screen that way. It is a small extra step for us but compared to the current system it would be a vast improvement with what I would hope would be minimal coding effort.
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  • bowdybowdy ✭✭✭
    Although I sorted via rarity because it was quicker to pull up Picard, hunting for Uhura was tricky. The taps trick worked if not for the exhaustion, which adds time. I had to keep an eye on her max stat number to know where to find her when I sorted via diplomacy.

    Even so, the OP's suggestion is spot on - I was thinking that very same thing myself. I'm glad he's suggested it, it's a logical one, and one I'd like to see.
  • +1 OP. Sorting is a time waster. This would help. Make it so!
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