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Observation about the just finished event (Reflections)

I've played this game since the beginning and put a lot of time, energy and even money in it, and I don't begrudge any of it.

That said, I think this last event had some real issues.

This was a major holiday weekend for many folks. Having an expedition end on Christmas Day was not optimal in my opinion. I understand it wasn't originally scheduled that way. It would have been a bit better if it had ended on Tuesday as planned, but I think having the type of event that takes the most time was not very well thought out. Then, giving out six extra tickets as a consolation? That meant burning 9 tickets in one day. Again, in my opinion, not a good idea on a holiday that is meant to be spent with family.

I truly love playing this game, and offer this opinion in hopes of keeping it fun! Thanks!
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