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Poor Ship Textures on Steam version - Please add your GPU information!

ChaoticDNAChaoticDNA ✭✭✭
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The ship textures on the PC version are...horrible.

Any fix coming soon?
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  • They have been the same since the steam launch. Galaxy and Constitution look glossed out and shiny, the Intrepids, Defiants, Galors and such look blueish - probably the best looking ship on PC is the Warbird at this stage, or the Cube is you can stand looking at it all the time.
  • Aha! Thank you for this, I wanted to create a new thread but got sidetracked.
    This is for Steam, correct?

    So for this particular issue we need additional information about the graphic card specifically, thank you!
  • Well, in my case, I am using a 970 GTX. I made a thread back in july about it on Steam, but our poor Shan was way too busy being swamped with work on all fronts at the time, so I personally completely understand the delay. I could try to dig out the screenshots if you wish:

  • I think this may be a 3D render issue at the source, as SOME of the ships are horrible, and some are wonderfully detailed. And this is on my iPad. I can't ever login to the game with FB, so I can't tell if there is a mac equivalent issue. I wish there was a desktop version...

    Most, if not all of the Federations ships are great (LOVE Discovery detail - black almost non-reflective stealth hull), Romulan Warbird is the worst - always looks smudged. Hirogen Warship is highly disappointing. I worked on getting this ship for over 6 months since it originally came out, and the 2D artwork is superb, then you get the ship, which is disproportionate to the static graphic, and cartoonish.

    Borg Cube is pretty good, but when you turn it over you can see it is rendered in several pieces. Not sure if that is intentional.

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  • I would like to limit this thread to the Steam version only, as the this is a specific issue.
    I will edit the title accordingly.
  • ChaoticDNAChaoticDNA ✭✭✭
    edited December 2017
    Thanks - yes this is specific to the Steam Version.

    One of the worst:


    PS: A GTX1070 with latest drivers. Looks fine on the Android version.
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  • I have similar issues with a GTX 980. Never noticed it before because the ship I've used as my main ship for most of the game hasn't changed and looked fine but the ISS Enterprise looks rough.
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  • ChaoticDNAChaoticDNA ✭✭✭
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    Did a run down of all the ships I had. I am missing USS Discovery, ISS Avenger, Terran Empire Constellation Class, Hirojen Hunter Ship, Borg Sphere, and the USS Shenzhou.

    Nvidia driver version 388.71 (

    All screenshots taken in Alpha Onias II.

    Ships that were ok graphically:
    1. NX-Class Ship ***
    2. Hirogen Warship ****
    3. Klingon K't'inga Battlecruiser ***
    4. Borg Sphere 878 ****
    5. HMS Bounty *****
    6. Constellation Class *
    7. Romulan D'deridex Warbird ****
    8. Prakesh *****
    9. USS Voyager ****
    10. K'Vort Bird of Prey **
    11. Galor ***
    12. Defiant Class ***
    13. USS Defiant ****
    14. Intrepid Class ***
    15. NX-01 *****
    16. ISS Defiant *****

    Ships that were not:

    D'Kora Krayton / D'Kora Marauder

    Nova Class

    NCC 1701 / ISS 1701 / Constellation Class

    Jem'Hadar Figher

    Maquis Raider / Val Jean

    NCC 1701D / Galaxy Class

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  • Not sure if this affects the Facebook client but the ship graphics on Steam are horrible:


    It looks like the game is using the low res models for some reason. But, some also look pretty good, like HMS Bounty looks normal to me.

    I doubt it's anything to do with my computer since I have the same problem on my laptop, but I'm running Windows 10 with a Radeon RX580, laptop is running Windows 8.1 with a GeForce GTX765m
  • I haven't had any issues with the Steam version, MSI GTX N760 2GB Twin Frozr OC Edition. Latest drivers (as of this posting).

    I do get problems using an Android emulator, Nox. Not that the textures are wrong, but that they always display in the lowest possible resolution. That's probably more an issue of the game thinking that I'm trying to play on a potato and downscaling everything the minimums. Of course, no other mobile game has this issue on Nox. Just STT. But anyway. That's not related.
  • Sorry, didn't see this thread even though I looked. Thanks for merging my post into here.

    Maybe give the PC version a 'detail' slider. Let us control it?
  • My textures are also poor with an Nvidia GTX 765M.
  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    GTX 970 for me and yeah, the Android ships looks better actually, but the other textures are blurrier and more pixelated on Android. :D
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  • Added those details to the bug report, thank you!
  • Capt. CrunchCapt. Crunch ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    Like others here, I too am experiencing graphics issues with the Steam version of Star Trek Timelines. I'm playing via a Lenovo Y520 laptop equipped with a 4GB discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050ti graphics card (the laptop is also equipped with an Intel HD Graphics 630 integrated GPU). The OS is Windows 10. Enterprise D definitely looks chrome-plated, as do some of the other ships (as noted above). Attached is a comparison of how the game appears when played via Steam vs. played via an Android emulator. The same laptop was used for both examples. The top image is a screenshot of the game as it appears when played via Steam and the bottom image is how it appears when played via the Android emulator.

    (Okay, I wasn't able to post the image on account I received a message saying I have to be around a little bit longer before I can post links, which is ridiculous, for I've been a forum member for nearly two years - counting the previous incarnation of this forum.)

    Plan B - the image can be viewed here: tinyurl.com/STTSteamGraphics
    (Sorry, but you'll need to manually copy and paste the URL on account I can't post a link yet.)
  • Here you go.


    I never thought of running it via emulator to see if there was a difference
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  • Not sure when, but this is fixed. Thanks!
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  • Knight RangerKnight Ranger ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Chrome-dome Enterprise is back. The problem's migrated to Gameroom now.

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  • QborgQborg ✭✭
    Definitely an issue on Gameroom with the low-res ships. This wasn't an issue 24 hours ago.
  • Known, I have reopened the bug ticket for this. :disappointed:
  • QborgQborg ✭✭
    Shan wrote: »
    Known, I have reopened the bug ticket for this. :disappointed:

    Thanks Shan. If it helps sometimes it starts off looking properly textured, but doing anything else results in the silvery look.
  • This is what I had on facebook a few minutes ago.......ixtzfwl0zx16.png
    The problem seems to go on and off. No idea what triggers it. However I can still play :) but I hope the textures will improve again
  • QborgQborg ✭✭
    Same exact here. Also it seems only Federation ships are effected.
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