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Hybrid Event Notes Operation: Earth - 12/28

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Mirror Picard’s plans have moved beyond a petty squabble over a throne. He seeks to conquer Earth itself, finally establishing Terran Empire dominance over the Federation (as well as forever enshrining himself as the true emperor). But Emperor Spock’s reforms were not rejected by all of his top commanders. At your side, Mirror Janeway promises to help lead Starfleet’s forces to victory against Mirror Picard and his diabolical engineer, Mirror Geordi. Can you foil Mirror Picard’s terrible ambitions once and for all? Or is the Federation doomed to fall to one of its finest commanders?

Event Name: Operation: Earth
Event Type: Hybrid Event Faction/Galaxy
Event Start: Thursday, 12/28 at Noon ET (17:00 UTC)
Event Phase Change: Saturday, 12/30 at Noon ET (17:00 UTC)
Event Finish: Tuesday, 01/02 at Noon ET (17:00 UTC)

Squadrons: Y
Crew Sharing: Y (phase 1 only)
Faction Winner Bonus: N

Event Crew:

Mirror Inquisitor Troi (New) 5* Legendary
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: MED 1035 (248-600), DIP 819 (248-489), SEC 376 (178-392)
Traits: Starfleet, Human, Betazoid, Empath, Interrogator, Mirror Universe, Terran Empire

Mirror Geordi La Forge (New) 4*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: ENG 614 (245-537), SCI 534 (138-336), SEC 401 (106-210)
Traits: Human, Starfleet, Terran Empire, Mirror Universe, Saboteur, Smuggler, Innovator

Mirror Janeway (New) 4*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: SEC 741 (181-366), COM 640 (91-238), DIP 330 (46-110)
Traits: Human, Brutal, Starfleet, Resourceful, Hunter, Saboteur, Veteran, Smuggler, Mirror Universe, Terran Empire

Recurrent event threshold reward crew

Mirror Jean-Luc Picard (New) 5* Legendary
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: CMD 1042 (243-753), SEC 982 (198-439), SCI 583 (21-88)
Traits: Human, Terran Empire, Starfleet, Brutal, Crafty, Maverick, Veteran, Resourceful, Duelist, Mirror Universe

Bonus Crew
• high bonus: event crew and Mirror Jean-Luc Picard
• small bonus: variants of Deanna Troi, variants of Geordi La Forge, variants of Janeway, and all Mirror Universe crew. Picard variants will NOT provide a bonus

Event Factions: Federation

Live long and prosper,

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