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Issue on 12/28 in the afternoon (US Time)

IcebergDXIcebergDX ✭✭
edited December 2017 in The Bridge
Apparently, there was an issue on the afternoon of 12/28 (US time) that DB said caused problems for missions. I was VERY impressed that instead of the normal throw away appologies, they actually gave out DIL (150DIL) and siad it was because of the fact that the issue caused some people to have voyages that failed, or other issues, so the DIL was to pay for rectifying those issues. I have been very critical of DB and their handling and tossing around Sorrytrons and Sonor (Sorry honor). To see them actually part with something with cash value (about $1 worth of DIL) was actually a very good thing to see. Maybe if they did that all the time, they would have more motivation to keep things running right. I comment DB for taking the action of DIL, and actually putting a little of their own green back into the players pockets (or at least into their characters.)
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