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Training programs, compile into higher tiers.

Searched the forums and I'm surprised to not see this topic sooner (though it might be on the old site).
Could the devs please consider a modification to the training program system to compile the lower programs into higher ones.
I love the supply kit boosts, and the added items they bring. But the downside is a flood of low training programs.
If they could be automatically compiled into higher levels it would save the unsightly 400+ common training holoprograms I accumulate.
Something to consider?


  • Maybe DB could come up with a more efficient way to spend 100s of them at a time to level more advanced crew.
  • DittoDitto ✭✭✭
    the same slider they use inside the replicator would be ideal ..
    not sure why they have different methods in the UI .. O.o so awkward ... so "rookie" .. :pensive:
  • The same should be used for Starbase donations, although the one in use now is a lot better than the one used in the original Starbase launch.
  • Any chance the number of holoprograms received as rewards for missions can be reduced & more components awarded? Very disheartening to spend 24 chronos on a 4 chronos mission for an item with 4 out of 5 dots lit up & getting trainers 80% of the time.
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