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Share crew to fleet via Starbase

I've discussed it with my fleet, and they recommend I post this idea.
How about a room in the Starbase where I can dump my unwanted crew I acquire?
Rather than discarding them out the airlock into deep space, members of my fleet could bid for them at the Starbase.
Because the Star Trek world is a socialist communist utopia, how about the bids be used towards the Starbase, accelerating the progression somehow.
Bidding might eliminate possessive fleet members who may not truly need them?


  • I dunno... bidding is suspiciously capatalist. :)

    DB's said trading won't happen, and this ain't trading...

  • Mirror CartmanMirror Cartman ✭✭✭✭✭
    It won't happen.

    Take the current mega event. It is trivial to get a 4/5 mirror Picard. to get the fifth star you need to spend either 50,000 honour, or real money on a dup pack for Picard.

    DB go with your suggestion, then lots of secondary accounts will be created, one for every three real accounts. The secondary accounts will just farm dups from events, and then auction the dups needed for the real accounts to immortalise their wins. DB will lose a lot of money.

    Additionally dups may change hands for real world money. Why pay DB £23 for a Picard Dup when you can pay your mate £5.
  • Simple.
    1 Cool down timer set at.. 10 days.
    2. 80% of the proceeds go to DB, 20% to provider
    3. Bidding could be in honor, set minimum starting bid, example 18,000 / 22,000 honor for a legendary, 9000 for a super rare, so on and so on.
    (So there is discount versus citations but still room to bid )
    4. If the fleet leader changes 5 days are added to the cool down timer.

    Just my 2 strips

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