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High-Threshold Reward Items

In Operation:Earth, the 250,000 VP reward on the threshold table is Geordi's Hyperspanner. That's higher than items usually fall; after one full day, a total of 12 players have reached it. For the rest of us climbing the table, we get Geordi and can level him to use in the event, but we have to make a choice: wait until I reach that threshold to equip it or build it early. Building it early costs extra resources and hard-to-get items, as well as guaranteeing an extra item to clog up my inventory and add to my 1000 item cap. Waiting means going likely well into phase 2 before I reach it to equip it.

Even then, it wouldn't be a big deal except for one thing: it equips at level 90, meaning if I wait, I can't advance him to his top tier of items until then. That makes him markedly less useful for the current event.

I request that, in the future, if you're placing an item so far down the table that the vast majority of players won't reach it until late in the event, it at least be in the last tier of items so as to not force us so much to choose between participating effectively in the event and getting the most from the event's rewards. Ideally, it also would be an item that didn't affect their top (and most event-useful) skill. Getting a full 5* item to help fully equip is otherwise a nice reward.


  • Just to play devil's advocate, that hyperspanner can be used on Doctor La Forge too, so not a complete waste if you decide to build it.

    But in general - completely agree

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  • =j= Donatra=j= Donatra ✭✭✭✭✭
    I will use it on Assimilated La Forge. I have actually built it for Mirror Geordi La Forge to not have to wait for it. :)
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