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Voyages still get stuck / Dilemma not triggering / when is final fix for this???

I know ur latest server notes only said: „...voyages get stuck LESS likely...“.

Matter of fact, they still do quite often and its not less annoying. Its even more annoying when Support tells the player(fleetmate of mine) that this isn t possible anymore and the bug was fixed!

Heres my current voyage, stuck on 12h dilemma with 128 antimatter left.

Galaxy screen shows:


When i go in dilemma doesn t trigger and timer starts to count from 12:00:01 till 12:00:20, then it resets back to 12:00:00. Already tried all tricks, restarting, re install and so on.....
Still stuck for over an hour now. If i recall i miss out on the 12h dilemma rewards and knowing how support handled such issues lately, i prob can save myself of sending in a ticket.


So, WHEN do you finally fix this bug for good???



  • Like yourself, I cross the 10 hour mark with less than 150 antimatter and the voyage bugs, but this time it ran out at 10:00:40, so i just paid to continue.

    Checking back an hour later the glitches looked worse so I just recalled the voyage.

    This is what I woke to this morning.

  • Odo MarmarosaOdo Marmarosa ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    I had some dil built up, so I decided to go for the 20 hour voyage achievement once I got a COM/DIP/SEC voyage outside of an event. At the 20 hour dilemma, the timer and AM count froze and a dilemma did not pop up. The text continued to scroll so I presume it was still running so I recalled. Received all rewards and completed the achievement, so I'm satisifed with the results, but I could have ran for another forty minutes or so with the AM remaining. Just letting ppl know that bugs are still infesting voyages.
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