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Suggestion ..... Admirals Reward or Admirals Commendation.


I’m unsure if this has been suggested before.

I am suggesting that an "Admiral Award" or "Commendation" be generated, allowing an Admiral of the Fleet, to reward one of his fleet members, with some bonus provided by DB.

It could be used as an incentive to bring on players, who either have tried hard, or performed something that catches the eye of the Admiral. It’s not necessarily aimed at the top performers in the fleet.

I suggest it could be given out weekly, there are 49 other members of my fleet.

I think it would need a publication of the award into the fleet chat page, to get it recognised and encourage other fleet members. They could retain a "Commendation medal" on their avatar.

I’ve used The promote to officer feature in the last few months as a reward.
I’ve no one else left to promote.

I believe rewarding people brings loyalty and support. DB this would reflect on you by keeping your player base active.

Any comments?

I don’t believe Dilithium or 5* crew should be the reward, but what about a supply kit?



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