Raise Crew Stats by leveling equipment?

Now that fleet bonuses give out character stat bonuses I am wondering if it could be possible to level up equipment in order to raise stats for crew... For instance I have a crew say a 1 star Troi who is in the freezer because she is not helpful at my level. But if i could bring her back from cryo and level up her equipment i could get better stats out of her and use her for various things that i could not have before. My thought would be to make this a bonus for being immortal, but you could only upgrade equip as far as gold. Meaning if they already had gold equips they would not benefit from leveling equipment. In order to level the equipment you would have to have a certain recipe of items to fuse but would definitely extend the life of crew who has become useless over time. Thoughts? Suggestions?


  • =j= Donatra=j= Donatra ✭✭✭✭✭
    That would be a huge grind ... sorry, I'd say no to this.
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