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Some QOL Change Requests

1) Ranking: Base final ranking of events and arena on the highest position achieved in the last hour
2) Equipment store:
a) better sorting and grouping
b) long-press brings up screen showing acquisition possibilities (ie, ability to engage in the missions)
3) When warping from an acquisition screen accessed from an item selection, give a bonus to the chance of acquiring the selected item
4) Rebalance mission rewards to have a greater number of frequently required goods dropping from ship combats, and at a greater chance than the 1/5 we see often now.
5) Allow immediate recalling of voyages at ANY moment (ie, do not ever hide the recall button)
6) Reduce the chances of "Fed Credits, Fed credits" (and elimination the singular fed credits). dropping on voyages, increase chrons (esp in first 2 hours) and replicator rations.
7) Add a daily repeatable starbase contribution that requires just basic components, and gives a repeatable reward, perhaps 50 chrons, or 500 honor (because holoemmitters are too damn hard to come by!)
8) Provide a combat log accessible after every ship battle to analyse what happened when, and what its effects were.
9) Better sorting and filtering of the cryostasis chamber would be here, but I'll see what upcoming changes are made first
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