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Please give Admirals the ability to disband Squadrons without dismissing Squad Leader from Fleet.

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A squadron was recently formed in my Fleet using an innaporpriate squadron name. I asked the Squadron Leader to please change it but he has so far ignored the request. I do not wish to dismiss the squadron leader just to get rid of the Squadron name as he has otherwise been a good member of the fleet. It seems giving the Admiral the ability to change the Squadron name, or disband the Squadron would be a solution to these kind of things. I'm sure this has happened to others. Thanks.


  • Admirals should indeed have more control. We should have the ability to access all the chat channel of all squads. We should have the ability to demote a squad leader instead of just kicking the person feom the fleet and a tonne of other things that escape me as I quickly type this on a break.
  • definitely, this becomes a problem when a squad lead has gone MIA due to connection issues or natural disasters.
    the Fleet Admiral should be able to set who is squad lead or even disband a squad when needed.
    also there need to me some ranks between the Admiral and the captains to help with these and other issues.
    DB needs to fire the Ferrengi and higher more Engineers, Rom doesn't count.
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  • This idea has been posted several times. DB never goes anywhere with it.
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