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Event Idea: Rule 48

Ricard Daystrom Ricard Daystrom ✭✭✭
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Certain Ferengi have had the idea to spark a civil war to divide their people in half once again. They plan to make the Traditionalists strong again, so they may become the one and only Ferengi faction. The Traditionalists nominated Gaila, a high ranking arms dealer to provide weapons to fuel the fight. Traditionalist Generals will command many Traditionalists and their Kazon allies to fight the Alliance. The Alliance is prepared though. One of their leaders, Ishka has prepared an army of similar size. Unbeknownst to the two waring factions, a Ferengi named Leck, who is also a known assassin made a partnership with the Maquis in exchange for giving them weapons to fight the Cardassians with.

Will you side with the Traditionalists, who plan to restore the old ways, the Alliance who want to keep their reforms, or with the Maquis, to help Leck rise to power.

Event Type: Faction

Event Crew: 5* Ishka, 4* Leck, 4* Gaila



5* Ishka

4* Leck

4* Cousin Gaila
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  • DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    I like it.
  • I like it.

    Thanks. I may update this with what the faction missions, even though this would be in vain because DB would not make my Ideas a reality.
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  • =j= Donatra=j= Donatra ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    I would give Leck SEC-DIP at least. Gaila and Ishka look fine. Would be a great event to sit out as Ferengi are particularly hard to level (basic ROA) and with only 2 of the usual skills quite useless. :dizzy:

    Ishka could save it by having two superior base values of DIP-CMD (for shuttle use). However, I would like to see them just for the avatars. :D

    By the way, my suggestion would be these factions: Ferengi Traditionalists, Ferengi Alliance, Dominion
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