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New Starbase Room Sorting

DralixDralix ✭✭✭✭✭
The new replicator starbase rooms are not sorting to the front of the line when recommended. I believe this happened when the proficiency rooms were first added and was subsequently fixed.



  • I will let the team know, thank you!
  • I'm guessing it is related to the previous bug with the finished rooms not going to the back of the line like they should. If you finished upgrading a room and it was still a "promoted" room that tag doesn't seem to come off after you have finished it. If you unpromote it and then hit the upgrade button to get to max level when it is done it will go to the end of the list.
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  • That is likely the cause, yes.
  • Makes it very problematic to get the fleet donations into a recommended room when it appears at first there isn't one. Making players search for which room is flagged does not help the team effort here. Many did not realize there was a recommended room they had to search for and so today's donations largely went random.
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