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Items incorrectly shown as purchased in faction shop

I've seen this multiple times before but it's actually negatively affected me today so I wanted to report it as I haven't seen another post about it. Sometimes when I buy an item in a faction shop extra items will show as purchased even though I haven't bought them. I don't get the item nor am I debited the cost of the item. However I'm not unable to actually purchase that item. Rebooting the game or switching to another device/platform doesn't help. I've also tried going to other faction stores and coming back but the item remains locked as purchased.

For example, today in the Dominion store I bought a 0* Dominion PADD for 50 merits. As soon as I clicked the 50 Merit button the 2* snythesized polymer also showed as purchased. I actually need that polymer today so I was disappointed I couldn't purchase it. Most of the time the items seem to be diagonal to each other but I don't think that happens all the time.



  • Have noticed this for quite awhile as well, but always miss taking a screenshot to "prove it".
    Only see it on Dominion (diagonal top last to bottom second last) as in your pic. Also see it on Maquis shop, but this time it is top and bottom on last column.
    It doesn't seem to matter which item you buy (top or bottom).
  • This has been true in my game for almost a year. Very annoying to have the need to note the before and after balances of everything in case this glitch starts to double charge.
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  • AmphistaffAmphistaff ✭✭✭✭✭
    Like Roger said, I've only noticed this on the Dominion shop. Today I bought the last item on the top row and the second to last item on the bottom row was marked as purchased (same as in the screenshot I posted but reverse order).
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