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Android battery life horrible for the last week or so

For a week or so now, my phones battery life has absolutely tanked when running the game. My phone is only 2 months old, my battery is mint, and I haven't done any updates to Android itself recently, so it's nothing like that.

However, the game has been updated, and whatever happened about a week ago has had a seriously negative affect on how much juice the game takes to run.

I'm not using the game more, in fact I've taken to killing the app when I'm not using it. Even leaving it in the background drains my battery crazy fast. Without STT running my battery is normal.

From 85% to 45% in a little over 3 hours.



  • This is still going on. Its no one else having this problem?
  • STT has always drained my battery more than any other app I use, but I haven't noticed it getting any worse with the last updates. I have iOS, not Android, though.
  • EtienneEtienne ✭✭✭
    edited February 2018
    Yes, I have noticed this too. It seems to be the log in for me that takes so much power. I only use my phone to do the free warps so I am not on very long and go back to using steam. (as I have problems seeing the small txt on my phone. ) It's not a big issue for me but I notice that my power drops like 10 percent on log in.
  • KTzKTz ✭✭✭
    My phone battery is obsolete since I play this game. At 30% my phone is closing lol.
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