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New StarBase Room

So, gotta "never gonna happen" ideas I have to put forth simply because there's no chance if ya say nothing.. at least this gives a .5% chance.

So, how about a room in the StarBase that that only takes one part type..
(The one that everyone has 32,000 of lol, can't remember it's name but you know the one) and Costs like.. since crazy big number like 600 / 700,000 units and when completed.. (resets, so you don't have to keep adding levels) triggers a legendary behold for all fleet members ?

At best your looking at one every 25 days or so if every member contributed only to that and no other room (which wouldn't happen because gauntlet, Voyages and shuttles get stronger with base rooms and yay replicator)

But this way we're still able to hit contribution levels every day while we're all waiting for those days green yellow things to trickle in 6 at a time.

I know.. I know, won't happen.
But, I think it would be really good for everyone, DB included.



  • I like the idea, but programing for the reset could be dificult, as no other starbase room has that.
  • FutureImperfectaFutureImperfecta ✭✭✭✭✭
    Fair enough..
    If that proved to be too difficult then simply crate the level one room and copy paste the settings for levels 2 thru 250.

  • I like the idea and i am not trying to hijack your thread was just looking for a starbase room thread to post in... just make it low level room called treasury that requires nothing but those low level items that are creating bottlenecks in fleet donations. There should be no cap to the limit on this room to even out the flow of base creation as this is pretty much the overflow room of the starbase... this is where the treasure from the game goes so to speak... though i have to admit having a triggered behold at certain levels or maybe amounts of levels does seem pretty apeasing!!!
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