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Voyage Skill Stuck – Bad luck?

So, this whole last 7 days, my key voyage skill have been stuck on MED for primary or secondary. I know this is probably just bad luck, but has anyone else noticed similar pattern?


I have strong MED crew, but not enough to get the 4K skill I want to start with, especially for a week straight!?

In just over half of them, this has led me to not being able to get to hour 6 dilemma without spending, and certainly you would figure rightly, that the rewards are not worth spending DIL on by that point.

On a humorous note: I tried to reset it once just by recalling 3 seconds after start and I already had "5 Red Shirts Lost"
I want to become a Dilionaire...


  • NoneNone ✭✭✭
    I’ve had MED for the last few days myself, which is annoying since all my good medical crew is on shuttles for the event. But I’m pretty sure mine is just bad luck.
  • Commander SinclairCommander Sinclair ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    Now at 10 days straight with MED in the primary/secondary Skill requirement. (14 voyages) It's like it wants me to make some sort of achievement to move past it?

    I have had to abandon 3 of them after paying dils, and recall the rest early. Mostly because none of them could even make it to 5:30!

    Last 5 in a row were SCI/MED, also wanted Cardassian ship every time. This tells me something is definitely askew.

    Todays voyage I loaded every possible slot with MED first, then heavy on the SCI, then filled in the rest to balance. Got the SCI over 5K, and the MED almost 7K. We'll see what affect that has.
    I want to become a Dilionaire...
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