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7.5.2 features are now live! For feedback please use the following thread. Thank you! forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/discussion/16166/7-5-2-features-feedback-ship-ui-ship-battles-speed-up-and-animation-skip

FB login like frozen syrup for 48 hours.

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Can't get this game to load under 5 minutes. Comment moderated. ˜Shan. Because I'm losing daily dilithium I paid for right now. Thanks.


  • More information would help.
    On what platform/device are you playing?
    Are you seeing a specific error message?
  • FB = Facebook. PC. No, just taking several minutes to load. Occasionally freezing at about halfway of the initial "firing up spore drive". Hopefully that's specific enough for ya, because that's all I got.
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