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Facebook out of memory?

I recently started playing my second account on facebook and have been getting an out of memory error pop-up and then the game bails. Has anyone else seen this? 5041auu796r9.png


  • I used to get it every now and then but now seem to get it minimum once a week but it is fine once I go to my home page and then go back to the game
  • I have this error several times a day. It is very frustrating when it happens during arena battles because I lose a ticket. I have filed numerous help tickets on this and support does nothing to fix it. Although they do occasionally give some free chronitons.
  • a couple of times per week for me. hasn't had any real impact other than having to reboot for me so far, but then again, I'm hardly playing right now due to the 6 minute load time to start the game.
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