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2 Simple ways to end the "Wall Of" Problem

Wall of (insert strong player name) problem.

Wanna end us getting annoyed and making 20000 threads complaining about it ?
Sweet ! Here's what you do...

1. Motivation ) ok so Guinan should be seen as the surprise bonus not the main prize.
That said, there is no main prize from doing good . I propose that the top 3-5 players in every gauntlet should receive the (new) featured legendary monthly too prize 1/5*) which would rotate like the battle arena schematics every month

This would be more motivation for us to go at it in gauntlet, rather then winning 5 crates with blue trainers inside.

2. Use of no star skill boosts.


  • FutureImperfectaFutureImperfecta ✭✭✭✭✭
    With it being the top 3/5 players per gauntlet that is roughly the top 1.3/2.1% and only 1* of a 5* per Gauntlet cycle. The 5*s in question could be any of them but most likely from the older generation.. you Enterprise E Picards, Captain Sisko.. First Contact La Forge cards.

    With a total of 154 Legendarys in the game they would still maintain there scarcity ..
    Even if you had the 5* change every Two weeks
    That would only be roughly 20% of the 5* pool
    (In fact, having a 2 week cycle decreasing the chances of fully fusing a 5* would be more profitable as it would increase the chances of players paying for a double up pop up)

    Having a defined Goal Prize, (in addition the RnG gauntlet exclusive) is something tangible to reach for.. to fight for.

    One you hit top 3 once now.. there isn't a lot of reason to push hard or spend Dilithium to revive crew and fight harder to do it again.
    This would provide that reason.
    And you'll likely hit 190/200 Legendarys by the end of this year, so every week that goes by reinforces and maintains their rarity.

    Allowing players to use no * or perhaps 1* skill boosts (yes, the free ones) would help break the wall of problem. Which is the current biggest problem in the gauntlet.

    I have Locutus, all targets are Locutus..
    There's a 5%+- in there stats, but I could very easily lose best player, first fight and have to wait 4 hours to revive.

    A skill boost on the other hand would make that first fight a lot more winnable and likely 2nd fight too.. 3rd would be a gamble.. but it would get things moving,.

    If I lose to much to quick, I just stop and wait 8/12 hours then refresh because I'm not going to sound 500 merits going around a Locutus wall to win one match and get stuck at a mirror Picard wall.

    Thank you for your time.
  • IrialIrial ✭✭✭✭
    @FutureImperfecta, a few comments/questions:

    - the best rewards in the Arena are limited to the top 1% of the participating player pool, and so to follow that logic, only the top 2 in each Gauntlet (which has 200 players) would be equally deserving of the proposed new prize - that is, giving it out to the top 3-5 players per Gauntlet would be much more diluted
    - in theory (and likely in practice), some of the top players under this system would win 10 to 15 copies of the top reward per month; does this concern you?
    - how would proposed change #1 have any effect on the current appearance of 'Walls' in the Gauntlet?
    - I hardly ever have Basic Skill Boosts (only when the Daily Rewards give out the free Basic pulls), and so are you suggesting DB encourages us to spend Credits to acquire them, if we want this advantage in the Gauntlet?
    - are you limiting the boosts to only Basic ones, because you think those with stars would be too powerful?
    - in your proposal, would the boost apply to the crew member for the entire Gauntlet, or just be a per battle use?
    - if you are thinking the boost would be applied at the beginning of the Gauntlet, and last throughout the 2 days, would we not end up with new 'boosted Walls' in the Gauntlet?
  • FutureImperfectaFutureImperfecta ✭✭✭✭✭
    - Dilution. Yes, a bit more but it's literally only 1% more and the greater number of winners, the greater number that are going to come back swinging for a 2nd, 3rd ect.

    If the prizes are toooo out of reach you'll have the continuing mind set of "only whales can win". Well, this would create a more open environment and that encourages participating.

    - Concern that some players may get 10 Copies. No, not really. Not at all in all.
    That means some players will get to fully fuse an older generation 5* and get 3000 honor

    Drop in the bucket.
    I'm roughly 6,000,000 honor "in debt" to finish all my existing legendaries.
    I could get 50 copies of the same Duplicate 5* and still barely dent that debt..

    That said, I'd still value the honor.
    Perhaps not enough to fight hard for the rest of the month.. but I barely try now.

    If I'm trying hard for 2 weeks out of the month it's still better then now.

    How would these changes cut down on the wall problem ? Directly -the Problem- of the -wall- it wouldn't. But would you want to use skill boosts and play harder for what is already offered ?

    There's a balance of annoyance vs reward.
    Right now the chance of good reward is too minimal so the annoyance of the wall is greater.

    If there is a great Reward, it a greater chance if a great Reward behind the wall I'm going to care more to fight my way through it.

    The problem would still exist with only part one of the solution, but I think threads about it would drop rapidly.


    DB wouldn't have to encourage us to..
    There wouldn't have to be a campaign or a reminder message.. the prize itself does all the work.

    See right now, the idea of spending credits to fight in the gauntlet is eyeroll worthy..
    I actually heard your eyes roll back from here.
    (May want to consider some moisturizing drops btw lol)

    Thus, the prizes and effort to be number 1-5 isn't worth it.

    But, if I could invest 100,000 credits to get a supply of boosts that could propel me into contention for a 5* that sounds like a great investment.

    If it's not a good investment to you,
    You either have no 5*s or all the 5*s lol.
    (I can't think of any other reason why that would be a bad trade off)

    -limiting to basic boosts because higher star boosts to powerful ?
    Yes. Completely, for the purposes of the gauntlet overhaul absolutely.

    If all star levels are used, then f2p stand -0-% chance. And I'm not f2p, I'm monthly card.

    The next argument would also be that if all star levels are accepted, we would have to pay too much. Boosts for shuttles, boosts for Galaxies, boosts for gauntlet ect ect.

    This leaves things open to everyone.

    - boosts would work here in a "per battle" use this helping break the wall. It would essentially be an "attacks bonus" so you don't have walls of 825 point Locuti ... Locutusis.. Locutus's.

    It would also open the door to different members of your crew being able to over come mega characters but not to the point that it devalues the defensive Phloxes or Guinans.

    Thanks for the questions. :D
  • Shy KhanShy Khan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Perhaps it's a matter of establishing parity in the Gauntlet to make it more competitive, like they do in sports with a salary cap. Allocate a number of points which make it prohibitive to have more than one legendary crew member on your team at a time. Legendaries cost 5 points, Super-rare 4 points, and so forth.

    Say, 20-points each Gauntlet, meaning people could have:
    - 5 Super-rare crew
    - 1 Legendary, 3 Super-rare, 1 Rare
    - 2 Legendary, 2 Super-rare, 1 Uncommon
    - etc...

    People would have to choose either Locutus or Mirror Picard, or if choosing both, be forced to sacrifice in other areas.
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  • I definitely like the idea of an alternating Legendary. That would increase refreshes with both merits and dilitium (benefits DB), gives tje players a realistic opportunity to possibly FF so older Legendaries (benefits us), and make the gauntlet more competitive--kinda like when the NX01 schematics were the arena prize.
    The cap on points is also a great idea by having to use real strategy to produce a winning team, thereby making the gauntlet much more involved.
    It could serve to revitalize an increasingly frustrating and stale aspect of the game, but I daresay any major changes will occur with al the mega events and numerous new crew every single week. And as things are going, there would have to be a Discovery tie-in somewhere, somehow, for DB to make a move.
  • Discovery Character as the Guinan Replacement
    Empriss dead chick, Leather coat Larry or Captain Killy

    That could do it.

    Everyone wants
    Captain Killy

    Maybe slightly De-rng the standard 5* in the gauntlet.. like keep a tab on ranking position and higher rank puts you closer and closer to another
    Captain Killy

    Maybe it takes.. 100 points to reach your first one (increase by 10 points each time goal is reached until character is changed)

    200 - 150 finish = 1 rank point
    149 - 100 finish = 2 rank points
    99 - 50 finish = 3 rank points
    49 - 25 finish = 4 rank points
    24 - 10 finish = 5 rank points
    9 - 7 finish = 6 rank points
    6 - 4 finish = 7 rank points
    3rd place finish = 8 rank points
    2nd place finish = 9 rank points
    1st place finish = 10 rank points

    Still have the random drop element if they wish, but this would also provide a defined path.

    Even if a lavish whale went out, won every single gauntlet it could take 3 or 4 months to FF if they have no random drops.

    I think it would reduce frustration and create Incentive at the same.
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