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Feature request: expand crew favorite feature.

I have crew, that I will always use (for example cadet missions crew); I have those, that I will never sell, though I may not even equip and level them up (Security Chief Tuvok for example); I have those, that I don't want to accidentally sell, unless in dire need... and so on, so on. More options to differentiate them (as requested in some other threads on the old forum - for example https://forums.disruptorbeam.com/stt/viewthread/70226/) would certainly help to keep things in order.

Yet, with the game being not only PC, but also (mostly?) mobile, we do not want and have space for many more buttons and options. Therefore, I think, the best solution would be to expand the functionality of the already existing favorite button: 1st press/click - locked & 1 favorite star; 2nd press - 2 favorite stars; 3rd press - 3 favorite stars; 4th press -unlocked & no favorite star.

Should be quite easy to implement, would not take more space and would make it much easier to organize our crews.
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