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For the Forums: Can we ease up on the "you must wait for approval" for comment edits?

I am notorious for editing my comments because I am a stickler for proper grammar and spelling. If I notice at any point during a post that I misspelled something or used the wrong word or comma spliced the hell out of the post (making my discussion very hard to understand), then I will edit as many times as it takes to fix the issue.

What is bothersome to me on these new forums, is sometimes when I make an edit, I get a notification that my comment/edit will now be shown only after it has been approved. Which means my comment is removed entirely from the discussion and everyone's view. Thus, I am missing out on being a part of the discussion because my edited comment awaits approval in some forum purgatory.

So can we please ease up on the need for approvals for edited comments? It is extremely frustrating and limiting to forum usage.

Thanks, <3 LGG
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