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🌌Image inside - Battle Arena rewards shakedown

Reference the Battle Arena Reward changes, is there any chance you guys could use these ships next month.
For the last 3 months running now i’ve had no incentive to play Battle Arena apart from the required 5 times for daily rewards.
The ships being chosen are majortly ones available since the games launch at the beginning of 2016 and i’ve maxed them out long ago.
I assume this is also the case for long time players.

- Joined game 6th March 2016
- Capt Level 93
- VIP Level 13
- Fleet Admiral [New Black Vipers]
- Starbase Level 134
- Starbase Rooms Completed 15/15
- Crew Slots 245
- Immortalized Crew 492
- Total Crew collected 646/890
- Crew collections maxed out 15/26
- Galaxy Map Stars 1269/1269
- Cadet Mission Stars 225/225
- Factions Honored 15/15
- Achievements completed 18/20
- Ships maxed out 43/59
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