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New Gauntlet Feature - Show Number of Victories as "Opponent"

IrialIrial ✭✭✭✭
When a Gauntlet match occurs, it is between 2 players, with currently 1 of them seeing the result, and the other 1 being oblivious of what has happened if they won the match - that is, whenever we are an "Opponent" of someone else, and we win the match, we do not know this has occurred. (We know we lose matches when our trophy total decreases.) My suggestion is that the game be updated to keep an active/live running count for each player of how many times they win as an "Opponent" within a current Gauntlet, and show this total somewhere on the main Gauntlet screen.

For me I think this would be interesting information to see, but I especially think it would be good for all those players who feel the Gauntlet is 'rigged' against them to be made aware of how often they in fact had 'good luck' beating a different player.



  • I think that's an excellent feature.

    Maybe also add some trivial reward to collect (like some hundreds credits) so that players are encouraged to check regularly.
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