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I wanted to invite any strong active players looking to join a active top of the line fleet.we currently have three spaces available. We are a strong capable Group that has many benefits. We have a few of the best players in the game. Everyone receives rewards daily. Please keep in mind this is a very Active fleet. It's also on a steady rise up. One thing we don't do is require you to spend a certain amount of money, and we never will. Some of our members spend liberally,some do not spend at all. We care about our members not their wallets. If your at level 40 or above please check it out. If you are a bit shy of level 40 but a active player looking to join a fleet that is improving exponentially shoot me a message.

PS I should've mentioned our Starbase is in the 40s.There is also no chance of the fleet dissolving.We know this is a concern of many players, so we have a full chain of command and highly skilled officers.


  • Quick update our Starbase has been upgraded another two levels, we now have two spots available. So far in the event we are a top 100 Fleet.
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    I just wanted to show potential members that were honest. Here's a screenshot from five minutes ago showing myself as number one of the admirals division.I don't mean to be braggadocio's.when I mentioned we have some of the top players in the game, that is accurate. Two of the other officers are much better than myself. We are also willing to help anyone learn. I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this.
  • I would like to apply for membership. Lvl 63 3 shuttles active Squadron leader in a dying fleet of exploration email: [email protected]
  • I have 2 spots open. Are Starbase is at 50,and we've moved up dramatically in the rankings during the last few events. Please message me in the game, or search for our squadron.
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