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What happened to chroniton sales?

I've basically not been playing the last 2-3 weeks since chroniton exchanges were taken off the portals. Is this permanent? Because if it is, I can just stop playing now. I'm never going to trade 150 dilithium for a measly 40 chrons. Not now. Not ever. So if this is what we're going to have to do, at least tell people so we can stop. Thanks.


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    The only time Chroniton packs are placed in the Portal are during Galaxy events, and outside of this past one where I was surprised that it was not put in since they normally do even during Hybrid events, the last couple of events were purely Faction. It would make no sense to put those special Chron packs in when you do not need them to participate in all Faction events.

    Also, it is 50 Chrons per Dilithium recharge, not 40.
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    Voyages are the cheapest way to get Chrons now. You could actually get several hundred more per day without any spending at all. And if you do spend it is much much cheaper than the Chroniton packs that were offered. Even cheaper than extra cadet tickets.
  • thanks for the reply, sulu. i'll look at doing those more since i'm probably close enough to have a crew that might be able to go awhile in those. and to cpt snooty mcsnootypants, thanks for correcting my typo.
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