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SPCC: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Crewmen

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It would be nice to have an option to send crew off to a starbase for training instead of the cruel practice of airlocking them because there is no room at the inn. I propose players pay merits to send them out and then pay merits to get them back when they're ready. Have them slowly achieve training/equipment while on the starbase. Players could get them back at any time or be forced to take them back after they're FE. It would be easier to put crew into cryostasis when they're getting a useful crewman in return. It adds another aspect of realism instead of airlocking a person because, "Sorry, no room for you. Take a deep breath. Bye!"

An additional option would be the ability to retrieve crew from starbase in order to fuse them with another copy a player is awarded. Then the option to send the fused crew back to starbase for more training/equipment. Each step at additional cost, of course.

Perhaps, in lieu of or in addition to "free" training over time (a long time), players could "donate" spare parts from their stores to help speed up the training process. But not just specific items the crew needs but also unnecessary items traded in at a 1:1 or 1:2 estimated cost ratio. PLEASE, No more 10000:1 insane Honor ratios!

Another bonus factor could be the number of crew each player can have in a starbase. Have a cap that can be increased by adding starbase rooms. The more rooms built, the more crew that can be accommodated. And perhaps, allow fleets to be able to donate to ALL crew being trained at the starbase. This would be a fantastic way for fleets to help each other. If a player leaves a fleet their crew goes into stasis until such time they can "pay" to release them to their own ship or join another fleet that has quarters in their starbase.

This would help take care of the millions of spare parts players have and maybe even do away with mind numbing, finger bashing, hand cramping Galaxy events that drain resources.

So to recap...

1. Send crew to starbase for training/equipment.
2. Ability to fuse them while training, with costs involved to bring copies together.
3. Donate equipment to speed up training.
4. Cap starbase quarters for each player.
5. Fleets can build more quarters.
6. Fleets can donate spare equipment to starbase to assist all fleet mates crew training evenly.
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