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V4.0 Client Release Notes - Updated with Video

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Greetings, Captains!

Version 4.0 of STAR TREK TIMELINES is now live! Be aware that it could take up to 24 hours for it to propagate to all app stores. For Facebook/Gameroom the update will be automatic.

4.0 brings new features, bug fixes and an updated loading screen to Star Trek Timelines. Please note that many of the new features and changes described below will only go live after a forced upgrade to ensure all players are on 4.0. The forced upgrade will occur in about one week.

New Features and changes

Cryostasis Collections (available after forced upgrade)
Immortalizing a crew is no small feat, and now Collections will allow you to gain a variety of one-time rewards, as well as persistent bonuses, by immortalizing specific combinations of crew.

Each Collection will consists of multiple Milestone Goals with each goal providing one-time rewards once reached.

Work on the Collections of your choice to unlock the bonuses most valuable to you.
Collections will be accessible via the Cryostasis Vault.

Here's developer's commentary on some of the changes.

Cryostasis Vault Changes (available after forced upgrade)
  • Crew sorting/filtering: sorting and filtering options are now available in the Cryostasis Vault. We are happy to be able to add this highly requested feature and hope it will help in your Collections efforts.
  • Collections can be accessed via a dedicated tab in the Cryostasis Vault.
  • The Vault now also displays the star rarity for each crew. (available now)
  • Selecting Open Crew in the Vault will now open the selected crew in crew management.

Crew Management Changes (available after forced upgrade)
  • Crew Detailed Stats will now display base skill stats and bonus skill stats. Bonus skill stats take into account skill and proficiency bonuses obtained via Starbase and Collections bonuses.
  • A new sorting option is available: you will now be able to use the "Immortalized" sorting option in your crew quarters. (available now)
  • The Vault can now be accessed from within the Crew Management screen via a dedicated icon found below the crew grid.
  • The "Get more crew" button has been replaced by a smaller Time Portal icon.
  • Crew that can be added to the Cryostasis Vault will now display a specific "freeze" icon instead of the "dismissal" icon.

UI Changes:
  • Iphone X compatibility!
  • Improved widescreen support.
  • Currency drops now have a defined rarity, which is indicated by the color of the border.
  • An info button has been added to the Event Announcement screen and contains the Event Rules.
  • You can clear the honor pop-up for dismissing crew by tapping on it, versus waiting for the animation to complete.

Bug Fixes:
  • Signing in to an existing account on another device will no longer put some players in an error state with an incomplete UI. This has also been corrected for players already in this state.
  • Currency drops now display the same rarity color, instead of changing based on the rarity of the previous drop.
  • Fleet invites should now work properly for Fleets in Restricted or Closed mode.
  • In the tutorial the first Ship Battle can no longer be closed which will prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where opening an offer multiple times could cause lag and eventually a crash.
  • Updated Cryostasis Vault in-game text correctly indicate the cost and daily limits for revival.
  • Facebook: fixed an issue where purchasable items were randomly showing as locked.
  • Fixed crashes issues due to certain ads.

Known Issue:
  • Building and then equipping an item on a crew will require the "Understood" button to be pressed to allow further interactions with that crew. A fix will go live with our next client update.

Thank you for playing!

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