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4.0: very annoying crew quarters usability "feature" :-(

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Dear DB,
[NOTE: this is NOT just about the "Known Issue"! (unless your proposed fix fixes all of the issues below)]
the new feature that the left side of the crew quarters screen is no longer clickable as soon as you selcted anything or equipped an item, is unnecessary, has NO benefit whatsoever, and impedes smooth gameplay.
Kindly, please remove it again in the next update.

- [if you just built and equipped an item, the left side of the screen no longer reacts to clicks AT ALL, you are now FORCED to explicitly click the "Understood" button or hit the back button] (already acknowledged as Known Issue)
- if you were just training your crew and now want to advance it or equip an item that was previously locked, you are now forced to click TWICE, as the first click simply closes the training program screen overlay and does nothing else.
- You can now no longer quickly switch between the 4 items to check their stats or similar, as you are now FORCED to click "Understood", or if there is none (=unfinished items!), you are forced to press the ">>>" or the back button after selecting each single item.

Thank you very much.


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    From the release notes...
    Known Issue:
    • Building and then equipping an item on a crew will require the "Understood" button to be pressed to allow further interactions with that crew. A fix will go live with our next client update.
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    Thanks for that reply! Didn't know that. (but it only fixes the first point I mentioned, not the other two)

    Dear DB,
    could you please kindly post the client/server changes as in-game messages again, instead of just sending an essentially empty message with a forums link...that it NOT CLICKABLE! and requires you to open a browser, navigate to that post manually, and read it from there (causing a restart of STT in most cases when trying to switch back to the game)

    Thank you very much ^^
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