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Alternate Gauntlet Reward System... AKA Gauntlet is Wheel of Fish

What is Wheel of Fish you say?

So many people are frustrated with the RNG system. Gauntlet matches can be frustrating thanks to this, but what is worse is that the randomness of rewards makes it challenging to feel really competitive.

Could we please switch to graduated rewards at the end of the gauntlet, like events and arenas? I have dumped dilithium into gauntlets before, and can regularly get into the top 10 with effort, and am tired of getting random unneeded stuff rather than a quality award.

My guess is that if you knew for certain you could get a 5* crew, say in the top three, people would fight a lot harder to at it.
My 8-Point STT Strategy:

1. Voyage.
2. Have fun. If something isn't fun, don't do it.
3. Only pursue characters I care about.
4. Contribute to the fleet.
5. No more spending beyond monthly cards.
6. Have fun.
7. Voyage.
8. Have fun!
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