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What Is Your Favourite Next Gen Movie?

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What Is Your Favourite Next Gen Movie? 24 votes

Star Trek: Generations
Woghd 1 vote
Star Trek: First Contact
Magisse William T. RikerNad HalKaiteeeXo | Cadet MattRennJaxo12345678 of 123456789Ricard Daystrom Odo MarmarosaThe Collective (PoF - FoP) Capt. Pete OwenCaptain CrouchyYankee TraderAlmost a AngelJayne Cobb (aka Kelpien Sushi)JoeSage2Captain P (ESB)guest_703202959753218Darth Skippy 19 votes
Star Trek: Insurrection
PallidyneFantômas[DC] Picard Loves RedsDr. Creon (¥SA) 4 votes
Star Trek: Nemesis
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  • MagisseMagisse ✭✭✭✭✭
    Star Trek: First Contact
    I'm betting FC by a wide margin on this one.
  • KaiteeKaitee ✭✭✭✭✭
    Star Trek: First Contact
    But the thing about Insurrection... it's pretty average, but of all of them it felt the most TNG to me. Generations was the mess it was, Nemesis was so bad I want to give Tom Hardy a hug just because he has to live with having been in it (I mean, not the only reason...), Insurrection seemed like a big episode of the show, and I liked that about it. It didn't build on top of that foundation to go anywhere extraordinary, the writing was lazy in a whole bunch of places, seriously the Ba'ku needed a slap in their self-righteous space elf faces, but I thought the movie's heart was in the right place even if its brain was MIA.

    First Contact is absolutely better, but it doesn't feel like TNG to me - I feel like there's TNG the series, and the TNG movies are this separate entity where it's all about Picard and Data and let's blow some stuff up and fight a bad guy. I'm not saying there's anything inconsistent with FC compared to the series - if anything it's a pretty straight-up sequel to Best of Both Worlds - but I dunno, it's very good but it's not what I love about TNG.
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