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Didn't get all my ranked rewards from yesterday's event

I placed 216 in yesterday's event and was expecting to get 4 copies of Time Loop Mudd as a result. I apparently did not get them for some reason. I have the one that was given as community reward, but I didn't get the other 4. They just are not on my roster. I was too busy with graduate school work to play much yesterday, so I didn't notice until this morning.

It takes a lot of time and game resources to earn top 1000 ranked rewards in an event, and it's pretty frustrating to not get the promised payout.


  • OK now I'm getting really really pissed. My ticket regarding this issue was responded to with this:
    Elmer (Star Trek Timelines)

    Feb 28, 02:52 EST

    Hi Captain,

    Thanks for contacting Disruptor Beam.

    I'm sorry for this inconvenience in your gaming experience and thanks for reporting the issue to us.

    Your report has been received, however, I'm afraid we didn't quite understand the content of your last message. Can you tell me what is Loop Mudd? Is this the Time Portal?

    I'll be happy to check this further.

    So your support people don't know you run weekly events? Nobody is going to help with this are they? I'm just not going to get my event rewards, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be OK with that.

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