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Collections showing characters needed

While I LOVE the addition of the collections, I see now where the holes are in my crew collecting. And more importantly where DB needs to add more characters!

I am not trying to pick nits here, I just see some areas that need to be addressed.


Wild West:
We have Clairborne Chekov, where is Clanton Kirk, McLowery Spock, McLowery McCoy, and Clanton Scotty? Seems like MUCH NEEDED add...


Eugenics Wars:
Dominated by Bashirs, but sorrily lacking in other characters. And where is Arik Soong in this Collection? He is not an Augment per se, but surely as a "collection" of characters he plays a key role of the Augments.

Also needed: Malik, Jaya, Raakin, Saul

To Boldly Go:
This one seems to be made up of various space expeditions, time travel to alternate timelines or alternative universes and random holodeck encounters. They need to be split up into their respective categories, especially Holodeck Encounters.

New Life and New Civilizations: I'm just confused about this one. Seems pretty random.

All the rest are self explanatory and pretty well sorted.

I also hope that this means other categories may be introduced in the future?
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  • IvanstoneIvanstone ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm wondering if they're going to add any additional tough collections. Wild West is small but there's no slack in it. The rewards are at least generous for completion.

    The Augment one isn't so nice on the other hand. Only 3 Cadets and it will require at least 4/6 Legendaries to complete. The prizes for this are comparatively weak.
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  • NivenFresNivenFres ✭✭✭✭
    Was kind of surprised there wasn't a Mirror based collection.
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  • kapukapu ✭✭✭
    edited February 2018
    New Life and New Civilizations: I'm just confused about this one. Seems pretty random.

    if you tap the little box icon in the upper right corner it shows info on the collection, this one needs the *diplomat* trait.

    edit and 'to boldly go' needs inspiring trait.
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  • All but four of the Collections are constructed entirely based on a single trait, such as Inspiring, Diplomat, Cardassian, Augment, etc. Three are constructed based on rarity, as Common, Uncommon, or Rare. You can see what belongs in the Collection by clicking on the little reward/info (Milestone) button.

    The only arbitrarily defined Collection is The Wild West, and I agree 100% that we need more silly cowboys. I'd like a Cowboy Spock or Scotty.
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