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  • The Academy is full !! 😀
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  • Looking so good I had to do it twice!! After just 3 months of starting our fleet, we are already at Starbase 51...soon to be 52 in a few hours! Our Industrial Replicator is finished, so we have all 3 additional replications every day. We hit all our fleet daily targets with many hours to spare each and every day!! Transporter Room is also maxed out so Chroniton bonus is at 50!! Those are just the nuts and bolts.

    What really makes our fleet special is our crew. We have a delightful mix of people from several countries and continents. Our lively in game chat is never boring!! While striving to work together to build our fleet, and remain very competitive in the events, our crew share several laughs amongst themselves and having just plain old fun while hanging out together and becoming friends in our in game chat room. Once you join our fleet, you will never want leave to join another one ever again!! I am living proof! Next time there's an opening, come become part of our family!
  • Fleets looking good
  • The Academy has one space available. They never last long,so if your interested message me here or pm me in game . Thanks. Looking forward to meeting you !! 😀
  • You kinda know me lol inbox me
  • Got room for one more player😀. Be quick !! It fills fast . Star base now LV 60
  • Academy is closed 😀
  • Our Starbase is moving on up. We're already at level 60 and only 4 months old! Keep an eye out for openings at the Academy and come join our family!
  • ¥ulcan Science Academy now has a place for one lucky captain !!! Come join us. All daily rewards met. Very social fleet. Star base lv 62 !! 😀😀
  • Academy is full !!
  • The Academy is searching for 1 player to join its Elite squadron . Players are expected to rank a minimum of 1k at least twice a month. Anyone interested please pm me here or in game. Looking forward to hearing from you 😀😀.
    Peace and long life ¥
    Admiral Donak
  • Rolling right along at Starbase level 64 and counting!! Transporter Room, Mess Hall and Industrial Replicator rooms are all complete!! Come apply at the Academy and roll ahead with us!
  • Looks like we found our guy 😀😀.
    Academy closed !!!
  • Check back again for a chance to apply at the Academy!
  • One spot is now available at ¥SA .
    All daily bonuses hit .
    Friendly and chatty fleet.
    Squads for casual and hardcore players .
    Look forward to hearing from you😀😀
  • We are full once again! Check back again for another opportunity to apply for the Academy!
  • Hello captains😀. Vulcan science now has one place available. Contact me for details. Looking forward to hearing from you. Admiral Donak Prime ¥
  • Full again 😀😀.
  • SoupKitchen RikerSoupKitchen Riker ✭✭✭✭✭
    Very nice people! :)
    “A committee is a cul-de-sac, down which good ideas are lured and quietly strangled.”
    —Mark Twain

    MEMBER: [BoB] Barrel of Bloodwine... We are recruiting and putting the “curv” in scurvy!

    Best Event Finish: #7 during Rule 125 Rerun

    926 Immortalized (Not Counting Duplicates)

    Honor Debt: Inconceivable, but maybe TP/WRG will take a personal check?

    Honor Bank Account: Nearly 1.2 million and counting...
  • Thanks Soupkitchen Riker! As are you! We enjoy having you in our chat room!
  • Thanks Riker 😀😀😀😀. We love you too 😘😘
  • Starbase level 75 at the moment and rising fast. Exciting times here at the Academy!oc0rv240m65c.png
  • Hello everybody 😀. ¥ulcan Science Academy has a spot available. Contact me for details or message here. Be quick !! They never last more then a few days .
    Peace and long life 🖖 . Admiral Donak Prime
  • Already Starbase level 77 in less thanji1fk87xkwhn.png
    6 months! If you want to join a happy, fun, active & competitive fleet, just pm Donak Prime our Admiral in game chat. Looking forward to seeing you there!! 😃
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