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    Want to join do you have a vacancy? Daily player, level 40. Captain Name, lilac stargazer. Janeway avatar!
  • Thank you for choosing ¥SA. I warmly accept you into the fleet 😀.
  • ¥SA is now full and will not be accepting new recruits. Thanks to all who messaged me. I wish you well in all of your future endeavors 😀. Peace and long life 🖖 . Admiral Donak Prime
  • Happy days 😀. ¥SA is open again. We have one place available. Star base lv 79. Active and chatty crew and of course all daily bonuses are hit. Give us try !! We have a lot of fun 😀.
    Leave a message if interested.
    Peace and long life ¥
  • If you are looking for an active and fun fleet, apply here at ¥SA!! Transporter Room, Mess Hall and Industrial Replicator rooms are all at maximum levels. All daily targets are hit easily! Come be a part of our family! You will be glad you did!! 😃
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  • Starbase level 80!! Happy days here at ¥SA!!
  • ¥SA has one spot available 😀. Message me here or in game if you are interested to join.Be quick !!! They never last long.
    Peace and long life ¥ Admiral Donak
  • If you're looking for a fun and competitive fleet, look no further. Be quick and pm the Admiral. Happy days here at Vulcan Science Academy!! Starbase is level 82 now and moving up quickly!
  • We are full again!! Keep checking for openings so you can apply to the Academy!

    Live Long & Prosper!! \\//
  • Hi 😀. ¥SA has one spot available!!! Pm me here or in game. Be quick 🤓.
  • For all those interested, please pm Admiral Donak here or in game.
  • Almost full now, just one spot left !!! Contact me for details here or in game. Look forward to hearing from you. Peace and long life ¥.
    Donak Prime 😀😀
  • Exciting times here at the Academy!! We finished 2 rooms this weekend!! We have a Starbase level of 86 now!! Steadily moving on up constantly!! If you are looking for a fun, caring and competitive fleet, look no further. We have a spot for you!! Just pm Admiral Donak Prime in game or in forum here. Hope to see you soon!! Live long & prosper!! ¥xkundbtx8ble.png
  • Happy days !! The ¥ulcan Science Academy is looking for one more player. A friendly active fleet you will enjoy 😀. Pm me if interested
  • 6ylfffo0tidn.png
    Come join our fun, friendly & competitive fleet and enjoy our Starbase level 88 and climbing. Hope to see you there!! 😃
  • Academy is closed now for new recruits. Thanks for all the interest and I’m sorry we could not accommodate you all.
    peace and long life 🖖
  • Hello everyone😀. It’s been a while. The ¥ulcan Science Academy has now 1 slot available. Star base is now at lv 98 !! We offer a home for casual and hardcore players alike. Pm me for details. Looking forward to meeting you😀.
    Peace and long life 🖖
    Admiral Donak Prime
  • Come join our happy and competitive fleet! Starbase level 99 and climbing! We're a hard working bunch that knows how to have fun! All those interested, please pm Admiral Donak. Looking forward to seeing you soon!😃2a72dqbklzrf.png
  • Anyone interested in joining, please pm Admiral Donak. Thanks!! See you soon!
  • How does one PM if one is not friends with someone in game? /rather confused
  • I sent you a pm in game. Please check your game chat
  • There are several with your name. Are you level 70 & in the USS Cortana fleet? I sent you a friend request and a pm in game chat. Please check
  • Got it :)
  • Welcome aboard! 😃😃
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