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  • Full Full Full !!!
  • Hi how everyone doing I see the fleet is doing great
  • Hi everyone 😀. I now have 1 spot available at the Academy. Exciting times !! Star base lv 101 and we are on the verge of breaking into the the top 50 in fleet rankings.
    Wanna be part of something special? Fun, friendly and well informed fleet.
    Pm me for details.
    Peace and long life 🖖
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    Hi everyone 😀. ¥SA has a spot available for one lucky captain.
    The fleet is really moving forward. We rank consistently in the top 50. Latest event rank 45. Star base lv 103. We boast a very popular family friendly chat room that is informative and fun. we share this with other Admirals and players from many top fleets in the Game.
    Come join us and make the most of this game. Admiral Donak Prime 🖖
  • That’s me up there 😊
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    Want to join a fun, but yet competitive fleet?? Look no further. ¥SA is the place for you! We have one spot available. Come join our family! Just message Admiral Donak if you are interested. Don't wait long. The spots go fast! Apply today! Thanks! 😃😃dqp3jqvt3mmn.png
  • Here's our last event rankings. Come be a part of something very special we have going on here!! Come join us as we enjoy competing in the events in a friendly fleet!vpjj0bm8jrnb.png
  • One spot free at ¥SA 😀. Pm me for details
  • xhbcm9uyvkw1.png
    Come join our happy, competitive fleet. Just one opening. Apply to Admiral Donak. They go fast! See you there!
  • Got one spot available 😀. Contact me here or in game. Fun and active fleet.
  • Full again 😀. Thanks for all the interest. 🖖
  • Full again 😀. Thanks for all the interest 🖖
  • I just love this amazing fleet! We just finished another exciting event. Keep a sharp eye out for a rare opening. You could be the next member to join our family here. We have a lively chat in game and on Line app (optional). All players join in to help each other with advice and strategy. Come buckle up and tour the galaxy with us at the next chance you get. You'll never regret it. This is the best fleet I've ever joined!!😃owynbkqq7pcd.png
  • I have one spot free at the Academy😀. Who wants in ?? Pm me !!
    Peace and long life 🖖
  • Hi everyone 😀. It’s been a while but we now have one spot open at the Academy. Pm me here or in game for more information. Looking forward to hearing from you. Admiral Donak Prime
    Peace and long life 🖖
  • Hi everyone😀. Vulcan Science Academy is looking for a player. Come join our fun, active and well managed fleet.
    Peace and long life 🖖
  • Great people in ¥SA, you won't find a much better fleet to join! Llap 🖖
  • Thanks Cranky! The Vulcan Science Academy has a rare opening. If you like to play the game and have fun doing doing it, come join our family. Just send Admiral Donak a message here. Hope to see you soon! 😃xu51qclb6tgt.png
  • The Academy is full again. Keep checking back for our next opening! Peace and Long Life! 🖖
  • Hi 😀. The Academy has one spot available. Star base is at 121. If you are searching for a well managed, active fleet with great people then look no further. Squads to suit all types of players. Look forward to hearing from you. Peace and long life 🖖.
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    HI, I'm at level 61 and tired of being a group that can't even get a fleet squadron to work properly. I add to the starbase reguarly and only miss being active a couple of days a year. I;d like to be considered for a captaincy with the VSA. Let me know if you have a ny questions. Thank you,

  • What is your game name? Our squads are run smoothly. No worries about any of that here. Please pm Admiral Donak in here. Hope to see you soon!
  • vjla04ncle54.png
    In a few hours, we will be at Starbase 124!!
  • We have one opening for an elite player captain level of at least 50+ who is very active and who enjoys competing in events. VIP 14, 4 shuttles and many immortalized 5* crew are required. Must be able to lead the squad at any time because the lead is given to the player with the best event crew. Lead is then returned to the default squad leader, which in this case is me. Line app is used for all fleet and squad business. Of course, doing individual and fleet daily targets is a given. Joining the squad and wearing the fleet flag are also assumed. Our squad is run smoothly like a well oiled machine. Looking for that one missing piece to make us complete again after a long time player recently retired.

    This is the best fleet I've ever had the privilege to join. The people here are positive, uplifting, fun and ready to help another at any time. We have a very active and dedicated fleet and squad. Our Starbase level has been reached in just 1 1/2 years!! A phenomenonal group of hard working, dedicated, but yet entertaining group we have here! We enjoy each other's company as we stand shoulder to shoulder playing the game and building our Starbase.

    If you think you have what it takes and would like to join our family, please message me in game or message Admiral Donak here. Hope to see you soon! 😃
  • qhyhgy4tuihp.png
    Starbase 124!!! All level 9 rooms left and only 3 are holoemitter rooms!!! Exciting times here at the Academy!! Want to join a special group of people and have fun while Trekking across the Universe?? Our vacancies are short lived. Apply now! LLAP 😃
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    Oh, I see the requirement is for VIP 14. I'm active but not a spender, sorry for wasting your time.
  • No problem. 😃
  • If you are looking for a friendly, active and competitive fleet, look no further. The Academy prides itself on being helpful and friendly while being competitive in events. We have one spot open for an elite player. If you are interested, please apply. Looking forward to welcoming you into our family! 😃
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