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Additional Cryostasis Search Bug

Here's another bug in the new Cryostasis Vault: Inconsistent crew tagging.

I discovered this when I searched for "Dax" and got 10 results including "Honey Bare Jadzia", but NOT "Klingon Bride Jadzia" or "Princess Jadzia".

But it turns out, if I freeze Princess Jadzia, she DOES appear under the "Dax" search. Some experimentation revealed why: The new search feature allows you to search hidden fields, but ONLY for characters you don't have, or ones you have frozen. It doesn't work on your active crew.

This turns out to be a really cool bug. If you freeze all your crew members, you can then search terms like "TOS" or "DSC" and see everyone from a series. You can find every Dax this way, too.

But sadly, it only works on crew who you don't currently have active. Please fix.
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