Looking for gauntlet advice...

I've been playing for a year. I can usually place in the top 5 pretty much at will. That said, I've only ever won a gauntlet once, and I had to spend some dil to do it. I didn't have to spend a LOT, but definitely some. For the last few months I've started dropping my rank at the very end and trying to place 11th so I can open more boxes at the end. That said, I find it REALLY hard to put streaks together. I only managed 2 streaks of 3 wins in my first 2 rounds of the current gauntlet, and blew close to 1000 merits just to get that. Granted, I'm in the first gauntlet since it's resumed, and it's a complete bloodbath. I'm ranked about 50 places lower than I normally am, so I realize this isn't the norm. It's discouraging nonetheless. I tend to regularly use some combination of the following characters, depending on bonuses:

Seven of Nine
Admiral Riker
Mirror Picard
Inquisitor Troi
Benny Russell
Mirror Phlox

I know my gauntlet crew could be better, but I don't think terrible either. It is the best I've got to work with though until I luck into something better-and with my luck, that's probably a looooooong way off. I've tried going for rank, and I've tried going for streaks, but I get murdered on streaks. If anyone has any advice, I'd REALLY appreciate it.


  • I'm deliberately running super low just to accumulate streaks. Everyone right now is doing their best to win the new character so a lot of merits and dilithium will be spent. I have silver rose right now kicking **tsk tsk** in the gauntlet while I'm still choosing only the 10 point wins for streaks.

    Don't be discouraged. It's going to be tough to win or place in top 10 for a good week.
  • Almost from the start of my gauntlet even the 10s were full strength crew. I’ve also had a difficult time getting streaks going. Not going to spend merits or dil though. Usually mellows out during the events so I’m hoping I can get some streaks going this weekend.
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  • Wait a few hours before joining the gauntlet. Especially now.

    Let the young and foolish rush in to be first. The gauntlet will be here tomorrow and the next day.
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    This gauntlet seems super stacked, even after waiting until midnight to play. The entire playerbase is squeezed into one day. I imagine anyone waiting until tomorrow to go off cycle will have an easier time.
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    I'm fairly certain that by the time my next gauntlet starts I'll be facing a wall of Caretakers with a 65% crit chance too.
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    Holy smokes, that's a lot of merits to be spending. And if you've won a Gauntlet before (and didn't have to spend "a lot" of dilithium to do so), I'm guessing you've got decent crew.

    Here's my take. After I hit the #1 spot in a Gauntlet (for which I also had to spend a small amount of dil), I don't feel the need to do that again. Nor do I even feel the need to get top 10. You mentioned that you purposely shoot for a lower rank, to get more boxes at the end. But I don't shoot for any rank at all, knowing that I'll most likely end up somewhere between 10th and 50th place, but not sweating it. I don't use any merits to refresh, and certainly don't use dilithium any more. I've often gotten better rewards finishing in 48th place than I have in 20th. Just a few Gauntlets ago, I ended up somewhere near that rank and got 120 chronitons total from the boxes.

    If you still want to rack up streaks, then as someone noted above, first, wait a few hours to start your Gauntlet, then go for the lowest trophy wins. (Your first few matches, you may need to do a higher-trophy opponent because for whatever reason, sometimes it doesn't seem to offer the lower-trophy ones up until you have a score higher than zero.) Keep going for the 10-trophy opponents (or as low as you can easily beat) for as long as you can, then maybe in the last 24 hours, start going for bigger targets — which you may have to at that point, anyway, since you'll have gotten yourself ranked high enough that you don't get paired with the weaker opponents any more. This is a strategy that many people have used successfully. It's not as easy to do this as it once was, however, simply because so many people have used it, and continue to play this way.

    Me, I don't even really play for streaks any more, either. Sure, they're nice to get, but if I've got 2 wins and the next set of opponents are nobody beatable, I just choose a crew to sacrifice, and take the loss. I decided some time last year that it was not worth it to me to spend merits to refresh my opponents, because even after a few refreshes, I was still often not getting any better lineup. My current method requires me to release any expectations, and to no longer get as emotionally involved about the outcome of any of the matches. This is easier for me to do because I've gotten that #1 rank, and I no longer have anything to prove to myself. Also, as is the case with Arena, the top spots really don't make much difference as far as the rewards go.

    That's just my 2 slivers of latinum. Your mileage may vary.

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    Dont get over confident...if you want to engage a mirror match...dont do it!! Over confidence always kills my streaks...but if i play it safe, well i once made a complete 25 win streak...no dil
    Also if you want a good streak...dont try to beat people that offer higher trophies...the higher rank you have, the harder it becomes to beat others (thats how i got that nice screenshot above...i was only rank 13 when i snapped that photo)
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