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Fix the "success" ratios for Shuttles and the Gauntlet success rates

Recently there was a special running for 10 premium pulls for $10. Would have loved to buy this however, I am struggling to justify renewing my monthly card. Why..... The whole premise of the game seems to rely on chance and not the "success perimeters" given by the developers. For example: I am running four shuttles all filled with fully maxed 4 star crew and/or highly leveled 5 star. I generally have a game determined success rate of around 75%-80%. My actual success rat is around 50%-60. This disparity gets magnified during events. Secondly, the Gauntlet seems to have the same issue as of late. I will run a my crew member with the same star lvl ( but different crew...ie both crew are 4 stars and maxed) against a competitor and I will have higher ratings for the skill and still loose. What gives. If everything is random why give success rates and skill points.

I have played this game since the first quarter of 2016. I have had a monthly card for most of that time. I have bought specials from time to time. This is a major issue. It needs solved. It is not a game if it is left to chance.


  • As frustrating as STT can be, it's all a game of programmed chances. There is no luck or skill. It's gambling without the actual slot machines (Time Portal) or roulette tables (Dabo Wheel). Once you realize this fact, and that just as at a casino the odds are stacked against you, you will still be just as frustrated... but understand what this game truly is. Most of us only play this game because it has a Star Trek theme attached to it. They could slap any franchise on a card and have this game, but it wouldn't be as popular. It's the adult version of Pokemon battle cards.

    Understand that the whales spending thousands of dollars with 240 slots, 60 FF/FE 5* crew, and 120 FF/FE 4* crew still fail missions and gauntlets. Though it is these players DB designs the game around... the gamblers, the spenders, the ones who will buy anything and everything because of the addiction. And the max success rates have to be geared to those people which leave the rest of us having lower success rates with DB hoping we will buy boost packs. If you think DB is going to change anything to your favor, stop playing now. Though you wont... you will still keep playing because a) you've invested nearly 2 years in the game; b) you love Star Trek; and c) you have the notion that DB will "fix" the game.
  • Ahhhh so true Captain Jello....so true...

    I guess I wish the whole process wasn't a dabo wheel in disguise ad your crew and information they were telling you were a bit more truthful. Such is life in a casino.
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