Happy Birthday Gates McFadden and Welcome to the Honor Hall

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Greetings Captains,

Today is Gates McFadden's birthday and it is the perfect occasion to announce that Legendary Captain Beverly Picard will be available in the Honor Hall starting on Tuesday, 03/13! (after the server release of that day)

In addition, our players' feedback is important to us and as many of you wished for Kahless The Unforgettable to remain in the Honor Hall, we decided a crew of his stature should not be replaced.

Both Kahless and Captain Beverly Picard will be obtainable in the Honor Hall, with the addition of another new crew, the Uncommon EMH MK1.

Stats for Captain Beverly Picard

FE/FF Level 100
CMD 924 (165-345)
DIP 473 (119-245)
MED 926 (303-760)

FE 1/5 level 100
CMD 572 (165-345)
DIP 248 (119-245)
MED 536 (303-760)

Thank you for playing!

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