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Server Release Notes 03/06/18

Greetings, Captains!

With today's server release the following changes were made to the game:

• New Voyages Daily Mission. Please note that if you have already logged in today you will not see this new mission until the next daily reset.

• Starbases Rooms level increase:
Core Skill Rooms: level increased from 7 to 10
Skill Proficiency Rooms: level increased from 5 to 10
Chroniton Cap Room: level increased from 3 to 5

• Trait Changes:
Xenoanthropology trait added to Tactical Michael Burnham
Interrogator trait added to Obsidian Order Garak
Civilian trait added to Bartender Guinan and Fierce Guinan

Bug Fixes:
Prisoner Michael Burnham and Desert Michael Burnham will not longer count as part-alien for Cadet Challenges

Thank you for playing!

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