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The Liberal Alliance (TLA) is looking for active captains

[TLA]  84wb[TLA] 84wb ✭✭
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You are playing very actively and want to join a top fleet?

We are looking for you and offer a Level [see below] starbase plus lots of know-how and information in our Line chats. We are close to 100 captains from all over the place, so you'll never feel left alone. ;)(https://stt.wiki/wiki/Fleet_The_Liberal_Alliance)

If you are interested, contact me on Line (my ID: 84wb)



  • Thanks a lot to everyone who has contacted me on Line during March. We are again looking for active captains. If you are interested, please contact me either here or (preferably) on Line (ID: 84wb).

  • .. and as some have asked: Our starbases are both at 89 atm. :)
  • We are looking for a level 50+ captain with event performances typically in the 500-2,000 range to join a high performing squad.

    TLA is one of the only fleets in the game with two high-performing fleet branches of 50 captains. Both of our fleet branches consistently rank within the Top 25 during an event.

    Both branches of the fleet have Starbases at level 100+, and we regularly share tips and strategies from top players using the Line chat app.

    But most of all, we are a group that prioritizes fun over rankings. We are looking for captains that embrace tolerance and diversity, and the values that Trek promotes. Check out or wiki page for more information:

    Fleet wiki: https://stt.wiki/wiki/Fleet_The_Liberal_Alliance

    Send me a forum PM, or message me on Line with your interest. Line ID: capncapacitor

    Admiral CapCap
  • ** Join us!! **

    What we have to offer is a level 107 Starbase for useful bonuses.
    We share tips, tricks and strategies.
    Most of all we are a group of Trek fans, a community of friends that priorotize enjoying playing the game over rankings.

    We are looking for level 40-50+ captains that embrace tolerance, diversity and other values that Trek promotes.

    Thanks for your reply in advance! :)
  • [TLA]  84wb[TLA] 84wb ✭✭
    edited November 2018
    We have some openings again. Starbases are at 118 and 120 respectively. Please contact me preferably on Line (ID: 84wb), if you are interested to join us. :smile:
  • Just a short update:

    Currently 3 openings.
    Starbases at 120 and 123 respectively.
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