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Not Borg, but Cyborg or Part-Android Crew

Not Borg, But Cyborg or Part-Android Crew
Chips, cranial implants, and more, so much so, they are approximately half android / automated unit or cyborgs. Any crew could have this race: Cyborg Spock, Picard, Kirk, Sisko, Data (Cyborg, meaning half organic life,) Janeway, Archer, Neelix, or any. It could be hidden, hidden mostly, or obvious like Robocop. Maybe Maddox could be creating them, or Soong or Khan? Maybe they could be more civil than Borg or post-Borg crew. Maybe the Federation has been working on it a long time, in the future? And they function, nothing like villains? Or were there some mistakes in the beginning? Just a thought. Maybe like bionics? I don't know...Merely suggesting.
Admiral Turen Counterpoint at Avalon's Galactic Armada and Captain of the U.S.S. Divinity
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