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Looking for a new fleet

Currently in a fleet where 30 of the 49 members have been absent for 1 week or more and some being gone as long as many months

i am looking for a new fleet that hopefully consists of daily players without long periods of absence

what i can bring to the table??

i do all daily missions daily and do p2p some, buying monthly dilithium always and crew packs on occasion

i have several crew fully fused, several being 5* and several 4*
i contribute to starbase development daily to the maximum of my ability but always try to make the full 700 item contribution
i only have three shuttles atm but plan on getting the fourth soon
gauntlets i end usually always in the top 50 (currently ranked #1 in this gauntlet i am in)

my VIP level is 9 and i am level 48 captain on the verge of hitting 49
i do have some trouble when it comes to the shuttle events but during all of the other events i score above the maximum to receive all rewards

i am remaining in my current fleet atm but if you think i might be a good fit for your fleet please leave me a response to this discussion and i will get back with you asap


  • GogusGogus ✭✭
    Good evening, we have 1 opening in our fleet (USS New Orleans). I think you could fit right in. We are laid back but competitive. We just ask for individuals to be active (but we know life happens) and to donate to Starbase upgrades. Our starbase is lvl 53 (about to be lvl. 54), but I feel that we are going to only grow. If interested, either message me here or PM in game at (Gogus [USS NO].
  • Worrior, would love to have you in our fleet. We are Reddit Empire. See our post in this section for more info. Basically we are an active, casual fleet of players that love the game. We originally had the same problem with our first fleet being run by an absent admiral. So the majority of us left and started a new fleet and have not had that absentee problem since. Starbase is level 69. Hope you join our fleet...
  • Hi Worrior, Dilithium Causes Cancer just sent a message to your inbox saying we'd love for you to join us.
    [DCC] bebe
    Privileged to be Admiral of the Great Fleet
    Dilithium Causes Cancer, maxed Starbase level 134
    Featuring photonic flee free holodecks and
    All you can drink Neelix's Even Better Than Coffee Substitute!
  • IronagedaveIronagedave ✭✭✭✭✭
    Check out Coastal Trekkers if you still need a good fleet, we are very chatty and active fleet.
    Activity Date 26-10-17 to present, Sqd. Ldr. Magnificent Treknicians - CURRENTLY RECRUITING! JOIN NOW.
    Coastal Trekkers [Recruiting] https://stt.wiki/wiki/Fleet_Coastal_Trekkers


  • Got two fleets - one advanced - one beginner - both VERY active, neither require any sort of chat app nor homework. Just participate in the game itself / play the game.

    Shame your old fleet got to that point. I'm amazed the at the number of half filled / inactive player fleets there are out there. Most of them have several good players just staying in them too.

    I'll shoot you a PM & friend request.
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  • hi all,

    i did not expect such a response when i posted this but i have gotten several requests here and in game for fleets to join and just so you know no matter what fleet i join with that i thank you for asking me to be a part of your fleets

    i am looking at all the fleets that have sent me a request and i want to try to get into one that i think that i might be able to help the most and that could also help me so please do not be offended or such if that fleet is not yours as i never thought there would be so many to consider

    thanks again

    worrior (greg)

  • NX9BNX9B ✭✭
    Greg, We'd also like to offer an invite. We are "Bart's Mid Iowa" fleet. We have 3 slots available. No voice chat required and most are very active.
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  • RENEGADE REAPERS is currently recruiting, captains lvl 50 & up to join. If you are at least level 40 & up & meet our fleet requirements except the level 50 in game message me to join our fleet, SIRE one [RR]. We are an ACTIVE DAILY / EVENT FLEET. Our Starbase is lvl 77. Check out our fleet page for requirements.
  • Female Klingon QFemale Klingon Q ✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    Sent an invite on behalf of task force pike, a sister fleet of task force April.

    We have a small core of developed players, and our focus is onhelping to develop the crews of starting players.

    We also have a LOT of space, so if other members of your fleet would like to come aboard, we welcome them as well.

    Looks like I was too slow, haha.
    Task Force Pike: We are recruiting!

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    Task Force April, Fleet Founder Emeritus

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  • PadillaPadilla ✭✭
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  • The Haus of Gaghgagh has openings. 43 members. Lv114 Starbase. Lv 20 min. Needed: active members (daily preferred).
  • The Space Quadrant fleet is recruiting. Either join the fleet via the fleet menu or send me a PM. :)
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