Server Release Notes - 03/20 - Edited 11:40 AM ET

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Greetings, Captain!

With today's server release we are implementing the following changes:

- Voyages Daily Mission
Based on feedback from our players, the Voyages Daily Mission will now only require resolving a single dilemma. The second tier of requirements and rewards have been removed.

Please note that players having already logged in today will see the change after the daily reset.

- Bug fixes for Bartender Guinan
• corrected an issue where her MED proficiency skill were inaccurate at lower levels
• replaced level 16 item 1* Hot Chocolate by 2* Hot Chocolate
As a result the MIN value for her MED proficiency skill has been lowered slightly, and the MAX value increased slightly.

- Time Portal Update
The loot tables for Premium Rewards packs in the Time Portal now include the following crew and schematics.
This will also affect Basic Packs, Merits Packs.
For Voyages, loot tables were updated with 2* and 3* crew - we identified an issue where 4* crew were not updated and are working on it.

Crew Added:
- Festive Jadzia Dax
- Desert Michael Burnham
- Lieutenant Commander Saru
- Away Team Neelix
- Gaia Odo

- Jazz Musician Riker
- Expedition Shran

- Lieutenant Arex Na Eth
- Commander Barak
- Warship Chakotay
- Prospero Data
- Dominion Dukat
- The President of Earth
- Author Doctor
- Warship Janeway
- Kilana
- Captain Kurn
- Doctor La Forge
- Lal
- Katra McCoy
- Miral Torres
- Commander Nevesa
- Prisoner O'Brien
- Trader Odo
- M-113 Creature
- T'Mir
- Cadet Wesley Crusher

- Abraham Lincoln
- Interfaced Barclay
- Borg Queen
- Temporal Prisoner Chakotay
- Romulan Data
- First Officer Burnham
- Enabran Tain
- Ilia Probe
- Katrine
- Rura Penthe Kirk
- Kortar
- Musketeer La Forge
- Zhian’tara Odo
- Umpire Odo
- C.O.P. Founder Picard
- Smitten Jean-Luc Picard
- Convergence Day Quark
- Dr. Soong
- Laborer Spock
- The Keeper
- The Traveler
- Trelane
- Durango Troi
- Goddess of Empathy Troi
- Nyota Uhura
- Lieutenant Wesley Crusher
- Rogue Kai Winn
- Trader Worf

Schematics Added:

5*: IKS T'Ong, NX-01 Enterprise

4*: Borg Sphere 878, Hirogen Warship

3*: Klingon K't'inga Battlecruiser, NX-Class Ship

2*: Borg Sphere, Hirogen Hunter Ship

Thank you for playing!

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