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Voyage quality of life recommendations

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First off, let me say that I had taken a four month sabbatical from stt in September 2017, and that the voyage feature was a pleasant surprise.

However, I think there are a couple of quality of life augmentations that could make voyages less of a hassle.

1. When selecting crew, have a filter for the bonus trait.
2. When selecting crew, display vaulted crew in the list according to whatever stat is being sorted. Vaulted crew should be visually distinguishable from non vaulted crew.
3. When vaulted crew are selected, the player has an option to unvault them for merits/dilithium, assuming there are available slots.

If I had a choice, number two and three would be my priorities. Thanks for the consideration.
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  • You missed it. Voyages use to be very rewarding. Now it's not even a little exciting.
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